Itämaisen tanssin kesäfestivaali 2014


All registrations are to be made in writing

You will receive a message to notify that the registration has been received.

Registration information

Your registration must contain the following information:

  • name
  • address
  • e-mail address
  • telephone number
  • possible mambership in one of the following associations: Mihrimah / Karkadeh / Tanssiyhdistys Sahara / 7HT
  • the workshops you are taking
  • the show tickets you are buying
  • the method of payment: whether you wish to receive the invoice by e-mail or in print by post

Early-bird-prices are better

Edullisemmat hinnat varhaisille tipuille: Get your workshops at a bargain price: Make your registration by 14th March.

Special prices for association members

If you are a member of Mihrimah ry., Karkadeh ry., Tanssiyhdistys Sahara ry. or Seitsemän Hunnun Tanssi ry.: to get the membership discount, please remember to mark your membership on the registration form or in the e-mail. Please note, that the membership fee of 2014 must be paid before your registration is made.

Billing and alterations in registrations

As a rule, we will send invoices only by e-mail. If you wish to receive a printed invoice, please order it when you make your registration; a printed invoice sent by post will cost €5.

For those who make their registrations by the end of April, the invoices due date will be approximately two weeks. To insure that the workshops you wish to attend will actually be taught, please make your registrations as early as possible!

Registrations are always binding; after the due date given in the invoice cancellations are possible only by presenting a medical certificate. Any cancellations made after the due date will result in a €10 fee withheld to cover the eventual costs.

Any and all alterations in any registrations or ticket reservations ar to be made in writing at kesafestivaali2014(at)

Ticket reservation

Make an early ticket reservation by 31st May either on the registration form on the website (Finnish only) or by e-mail at kesafestivaali2014(at)

Special price for a package of all three evening shows from Thursday to Saturday €60.

NB! Dinner tickets for Fri 6th June are only available until 12th May.

Show tickets will not be sent by post, and they are to be collected at the Festival office. NB! Tickets for the Thursday night show are to be collected at the door half an hour before the show.

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Contact information

Oriental Dance Summer Festival 2014
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Mihrimah Association,
Karkadeh Association and
Tanssiyhdistys Sahara Association

and show tickets

Make your registration and ticket reservations by filling in the registration form
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or via e-mail
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