Itämaisen tanssin kesäfestivaali 2014


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All shows ticket package

Reserve tickets in advance for all evening show from Thursday to Saturday for a special price of €60.

Vuo – Flow

Vuo – Flow

sold out

Thurs 5th June at 7 pm. Venue: Hällä-näyttämö, Hämeenkatu 25 (
Tickets: reservations €18, at the door €20

Dip yourself in the Flow and enjoy the emotion of Oriental Dance and the fire of Flamenco! Wade in the stream along with Karkadeh (Oriental Dance), Duende (Flamenco) and Flow Ensemble (live music). The show is produced by Duende ry. and Karkadeh Association.

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Kaikki pelissä – Name of the Game

Kaikki pelissä

Fri 6th June at 8 pm. Venue: Hämeenpuisto 28 (
Tickets: reservations €22, at the door €25

Utilize the opportunity to enjoy a light buffet dinner at 6 pm, and reserve your dinner ticket (€20) by 12th May.

Throw the dice and see what happens! Join the game with Finnish top soloists and dance groups.

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Vain taivas rajana – Heavenly Hype

Vain taivas rajana

Sat 7th June at 8 pm. Venue: Hällä-näyttämö, Hämeenkatu 25. (
Tickets: reservations €27, at the door €30

Share a heavenly experience with our guest star DaVid of Scandinavia and top Finnish soloists, duos and groups!

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Ticket reservation

Make an early ticket reservation by 31st May either on the registration form on the website (Finnish only) or by e-mail at kesafestivaali2014(at)

Special price for a package of all three evening shows from Thursday to Saturday €60.

NB! Dinner tickets for Fri 6th June are only available until 12th May.

Show tickets will not be sent by post, and they are to be collected at the Festival office. NB! Tickets for the Thursday night show are to be collected at the door half an hour before the show.

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